January 2019

I feel like I have returned home.
—J.R. White, McKinleyville, CA

April 2019

You, Carla, are a real master of your craft.
—D. Miller, Garberville, CA

July 2018

Carla has a magical way about teaching. She is very interesting and knowledgable. I enjoyed her company and delicious food. I felt like I have known her my whole life, like family. I feel like I went to a week-long retreat. I want to spend more time learning various things from Carla, like the other Reiki classes, Reiki with Accupressure, Reiki with Crystals and cooking. Thank you Carla!

—Christal Giffin, Ettersburg

July 2018

This was my first time being in any sort of class like this, and I didn't know what to expect. It was a great atmosphere, with lots of great energy. I learned a lot, and it wasn't too much at once. I will take what I learn and put it into my daily life. I am so grateful, Carla, thank you so much!

—Patty Molloy, Redway, CA

April 2018

Carla's classes are wonderul! They are helpful, informative, kind and instructive, over and over.

—Michelle Kaufmann, Benbow, CA

April 2018

Carla is a knowledgable, spiritual resource and light in the community. She is a great teacher who attunes to each individual's needs and gifts. Truly a Reiki Master.

—Jaime DeSmit, Sonoma

December 2017

I've stopped asking myself how much of how shiny and sparkly I feel is due to our session of December 2, and discovered that simply riding the wave while allowing for a little mystery is way more fun!! May all your clients find as much release/relief/and joy as I have. Thank you again.

—Jack Frybulous, Fort Bragg

August 2017

I highly recommend doing Reiki with Carla. She is so clear, loving and understanding. Reiki is life changing. It's a tool you can use anytime. I love Reiki.

—Angie Dowd, Garberville, CA

August 2016

There is a wonderful Reiki Master, Carla Yvonne, in our northern California area that is now offering distance Reiki sessions...they are extremely effective. If you are in need of some stress relief or any kind of clearing, give her a call. You will be happy you did.

—Laura Reneau

May 2016
Thank you again for teaching this class. Not only was it tons of fun with amazing ladies, how incredible is it to finish a class on Saturday and book today's session on Sunday and feel totally prepared! 

—Michelle Hernandez, Garberville, CA 

April 2016
What a great experience and group of participants! Thank you for the attunements and for sharing your knowledge and wisdom and amazing Reiki energy!

—Michelle Hernandez, Garberville, CA 

April 2016
Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge on Reiki. I'm excited to share this in my personal life and in my work life.

—Cassandra Osuna, Scotia, CA

April 2016
Wonderfully informative, a very welcoming class and teaching style. I felt free to ask questions and explore. Thank you for creating a safe container full of so much learning.

—Michela Hernandez, Garberville, CA

March 2016

I am loving the teachings of Reiki One. Thank you so much Master Carla Yvonne for imparting your sacred wisdom.

—Michelle Welty, Garberville

March 2016

Loved the class. Very comfortable and open. Loved being able to discuss theory as well as practice. The class seemed to cover everything very well. Perfect for beginners.

—Tammy Nochera, Garberville, CA

March 2016

I highly recommend this class. Master/Teacher Carla Yvonne is very perceptive and accomplished at conveying the lessons so that they are well-taught and received. I felt comfortable asking questions and she was generous and patient with her answers. She does not hurry the class.

—Kitty Lynch, Harris, CA

March 2016
Carla is wonderful! She tailored a class to suit the needs of me and my daughter. We had a lot of fun together and learned a lot. Thank you Carla, so much!                                                       

—Shivani Spirit, Redway, CA

February 2016
Carla Yvonne is easy to learn from. She is clear and direct. She is always willing to explain, clarify and be Reiki. I have come away from every class a more knowledgeable and more able human than when I walked in. I highly recommend taking a class from her!

—Michelle Kaufman /Reiki Master

February 2016
Carla is a very knowledgeable teacher who connects with me on an individual level and who teaches with her heart wide-open. I have had many classes and will continue to have classes with Carla.

—Sonja Nystrom/ Reiki Master, Garberville, CA

December 2015
I recently took Reiki1 and 2. I learned more than I thought I would. Carla is a very compassionate and knowledgeable teacher.

—Carolyn Elderidge, Alderpoint, CA