About Carla

Tune up your energy to its healthiest state with Carla Yvonne. The Reiki system of healing utilizes spiritual energy at the cellular level to reduce stress, alleviate pain, depression, anxiety, grief, and to promote general well-being. Reiki healing also complements medical and psychological treatments.

Carla is a certified Reiki Master-Teacher. She offers hands-on and distant healing sessions and teaches all levels of Reiki in her healing studio in Northern California. A more detailed Bio is presented below.

Healing and health have been my greatest love for most of my adult life. I was raised on the standard American diet. My parents had health problems and died by the age of 50. As a child, I had migraines, allergies and overall lack of energy. Knowing that something was wrong, I began my search for health. While attending college I worked at a health food store and became hooked into the natural health movement. Around the same time I was blessed with dramatic metaphysical experience that awakened me to the world of consciousness and spiritual advancement. My life path thus became focused on healing and spiritual growth.

After a few years in the California Bay area, I moved to Northern California. There I practiced yoga for many years and worked as a co-manager of a health food store. My husband and I opened a health food restaurant. During this time, I suffered a serious back injury and was thus introduced to massage/bodywork, naturopathy, Ayurvedic dietary principles, polarity, acupuncture and and the amazing power of holistic healing. My extensive training expanded and I became a certified massage therapist and polarity healer, where I learned the power of working with energy fields of the body.

Then the world of Reiki came into my life. After studying with several amazing and gifted Reiki teachers, I opened my own Reiki healing practice to which I remain dedicated. I plan to practice and teach Reiki for the rest of my time on Planet Earth. Reiki brings me great peace in this world and beyond.